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A few in game questions


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Is there a general correlation between airship size and ability to endure long voyages? Not just from a storage issue, I mean could a 30 footer yacht with a mage on board travel everywhere a 300' frigate could?


Also, are there any analogues to tides in airship travel? like could an airship only enter a place if the conditions are juuuuust right?

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Certainly- larger vessels have more space for storage, and can endure longer voyages depending on what's been shipped.


There aren't tides, per se, but there are wind currents...




Mercenary companies are prevalent, and they evolved mostly from Strozza and Meril. The Monteon are famous for the strength and discipline of their mercenaries as well.

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Alright thanks mate, one more before I think I'll finally get around to writing this vignette on that Role playing board of yours

what region of the world would be considered the steppes if any exist at all and could you explain, or just link me to the response if its already been asked what each region of the world is like.

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Given that there not so few Ranches with flying horses that makes me a bit wondering because I could easy see cavalry using winged horses especial if they are armed with ranged weapons.

Personal I would fit them with a bow, a large bundle of piercing or flaming Arrows and a corselet for the horse.

Edit: The horsearmour have to be lightweight or even lifting but in opposite to the arrows can it be magic but I also could imagine a wood armour. The Arrows shouldn't use magic to get past defences that work only against magic.

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