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A few in game questions


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Leopold Rassent, who's a half-fey, and Iustus Venture, who's a werewolf. The former I couldn't tell you much about because his adventure asks more questions than it answers (especially with more recent additions to the game that only add to the confusion <_<), the latter I don't remember being particularly special actually. Werewolves are pretty well understood, in universe, they're just (relatively) rare.

EDIT: Problem the first, the forum doing a fancy dance when I post something that goes onto a new page.

Problem the second, me having to use CTRL a, x and v to be able to type below my spoiler block.

Problem the third, my spoiler block showing up as a spoiler block while editing rather than spoiler tags that, if necessary, I could easily edit instead of having to play a fishing minigame on a bloody internet forum of all things.

Problem the fourth, lack of undo and redo buttons (CTRL z works fine, so I know the forum supports the function, but I don't see buttons for them and I don't know how the hotkey for redo :().

Problem the fifth...actually I did tell the forum to play that annoying blimp noise whenever someone uses the new-age Navi function (I'd call it what it is, but that causes the forum to do silly things). Never mind that, than.

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1. Are the Triplets physically related? or are they siblings through oaths (such as are found in fiction such as the Oath in the Peach Garden in Romance of the Three Kingdoms)?


2. Are dwarfs well-known, or are they hidden from the world?

Well known.

3. Will completing all three members' adventures in addition to the Triplets adventure have an advantage in Y2?

No comment. :)

4. Will Y2 reveal more about who/what the triplets are? because my thinking is that they are not fully human.

Also no comment.

5. Would Tabin's herbal effect be considered mastery if it were to be created through magic rather than herbs?

Hmmm...I would think yes.

6. Are there people in Cyve with non-human (e.g., goblin, elemental, etc.) heritage or rumours about such heritage?


On another topic, I wonder how common personal fire arms are. The student Dobry is said to keep an old musket. How commonly owned are muskets?

Very rare in the City.

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1 hour ago, Rhialto said:

And I am honoured to have a question answered with [redacted].

You get tired of that answer after a while.

Legate, while Puppet Strings itself is fully [redacted] territory, could you explain to us a little more about the source material the lores are excerpting about the creature? Can you explain what is publicly known about Ellia Zeehl, the author of "Reign of The Puppet Strings"?

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Because that is what the lore says when sleuthing is researched. My own speculation is that sleuthing was originally part of Gates (because the greatest sleuth was a gates mage), and there was considerable rivalry over which pillars would get associated disciplines when gates and mastery were banned. This is why sleuthing is officially part of the pillar of glamour, but Durand (negation) is the only college that requires students to learn about sleuthing. Is this a good guess?


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Was the professor who rescued the PC, Prudence, and Aveline from the strange house serious about using them as research assistants to study the house? or would that be frowned upon as too dangerous? MIght that adventure have a Y2 sequel where they end up serving in some capacity as research assistants for the strange house?

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Good news about Y2 and the new patch.

Question: I understand that Esteban Contu's School of Incantation will offer different functions in different years, as your character gains more experience with magic. But would it be possible in Y2 to pay tuition at that school, use the school to gain the equivalent of a Y1 incantation education, and then in that same year study more advanced incantation there? or does Esteban Contu's School of Incantation prohibit such rapid education?

On a related note, is there an accreditation process for magical schooling, or can any person/people claim to be teaching magic?

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