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Your Wishlist for the Gamingyear 2012


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What are on your wishlist for the gamingsector for this new year?


Right now I only have Academagia Year 2 on my Wishlist from what I know so fare about games relases of 2012.

Then a Turnbased Space Strategy Game with focus on a huge Technology Tree and single Planet development would be my dream. Sadly all games in this direction I know about is the focus on some kind of RTS Combat and thats something I will never buy again, Sword of the Stars was enough of a wrong buy for me. Then I would prefer to have no special combat at all like the GalCiv or Civ series.

Ohh and Elite 4 is still in development so maybe this could be a game I buy when it ever get released and still have this kind of realistic flight physic combined with the many ways to play it NonCombat.

But my bigest wish would be that the Companies move away from the Online DRM for Singlplayergames but this is just a dream because they see it as a great way to prefent used sales.

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Academagia Year 2

Long Live the Queen (by Hanako Games - I don't know if that's the actual title of it, but that's what she's titled the thread about it in the Hanako Games secrets forum)

7 Grand Steps (by Mousechief)

Fortume Summoners (by Carpefulgur)


Yeah...I don't exactly have normal tastes in computer games.

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Wow I just read that XCOM get a new Version and this time from Firaxis. They even plan to release it in the autumn of this year! So this is something that is for sure on my wishlist ^^.

Looks like toward the end of the year I will have a conflict if I play academagia year 2 or the new XCOM. ^^

Orgin of this News: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/01/05/february-cover-revealed-xcom-enemy-unknown.aspx

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Academagia: Year II, agreed.

Mass Effect III!

Crusader Kings II from Paradox... hopefully this year, hopefully this year...

Magna Mundi from an independent student (but produced by Paradox) could also be good- the mod was interesting

The translations for Princess Maker 5 and TokiMeki Girl's Side III...

Persona 4 for the PSP (I wish they had added the ability to play a gal, though)

Xenoblade Chronicles, perhaps.

The Dissedia Final Fantasy Music game for the Nintendo 3DS, even though I don't even have a 3DS... ;;

And I'm sure Diablo III will keep me interested for a while when i comes out, but I'm not too caught up over it yet. :)

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Acamagicka 2 and Mass Effect 3

Then a whole lot of games for the 3ds and the PSVita and Psp that includes Persona4:Golden (which I agree with Mikka with the fact that I wanted to play as a girl and not just get an extra character <_< ), the rest of the games I might be too emberessard to share.

And then of course I have to get the PSvita.

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Is there an official thread for vague hints about year 2 release date???? I've seen legate say later in 2012 and also something that made it sound like 2013 would be the year. Of course, I'm in the sooner rather than later camp.

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Okay, well, just to let you know, I've got some squirrels . . . technically, I don't own them, but they live in the courtyard of my condo complex. They are friendly with me because I feed them corn nuts. It will be no problem for me to lure a few into a trap and then sacrifice them to the gods of game releases for you cuz I'm a nice person like that.


If the gods require a larger sacrifice . . . well, there's always the neighbor's dog.


(Because this is the Internetz I know that a part of you really is wondering whether or not I'm the type of person to sacrifice innocent creatures to spiritual entities of contested morals and existence, but 1) squirrels aren't innocent (you should see what they did to the tree outside), 2) neither is the neighbor's dog (exhibit A, my urine stained doormat), and 3) this is OMG serious business!!! The world is going to end this year (according to the Mayans) and it will end without any of us ever having played Academagia Year 2. Can you live with that?????)

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When I look at what my wishlist was for this year it apears many of my wishes probably become possible thanks to Crowdfunding but sadly not this year.

With M.O.R.E. It looks like I get my Turnbased Space Strategy Game without DRM but wait thats maybe 2014 even if the curent say Dec 2013.

Then there where some interesting space games ala Elite that did come up for Crowdfunding like Kinetic Void or right now Star Citizen.

Oh and dont forget about the interesting old school style RPGs that have running Crowdfunding this year even if I didn't write them in my wishlist.

Just some actual examples Project Eternity, Arakion or even Shaker


And most important no DRM. :) So the normal publisher are probably don't see any more money from me next year.

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