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General Victory Belles Questions Thread


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I've been wondering about some of the Belles.


Six Warships are recognized for having fought in both World Wars and survived to this day.


The surviving vessels that hold the distinction of serving in both World Wars are the Medea, which served both the French Navy and Royal Navy, British Monitor HMS M33, the British Light Cruiser HMS Caroline, Greek Armored Cruiser Georgios Averof, the Drazki a Bulgarian torpedo boat and of course my beloved Texas dreadnought.


It seems to me they should be a bit older and more experienced and maybe make comments like "Well, back in '17..." They have been in large scale wars before.


The Legion of Old Ladies :D.



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A question regarding belle personalities. We've seen a few already and they're all pretty interesting. I wonder though if there's going to be ones that are more shy/reserved? Personally I like shy characters that opens up to the player eventually(or maybe even not at all).

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Alright, there's more "Forgotten Beauties" which seems to be made note of. Sweden was noted, yet the type of ships aren't. It's a bit of a buzzkill nobody brought them up because they're neat in their own way also.


- HSwMS Gotland (1933) - Sweden:



- Illmarinen - (Coastal Defense Ship) - Finland:



At one point I assumed they were sister ships. Maybe they were from the information I recalled when I did my information run. I remember them being paired up at one point, or something, somewhere......




Then some New Zealand pride because we're always focusing on the British & Americans, and now Canadians (from me). Glad Australia was also mentioned a few times. Here's some New Zealand pride for more "Forgotten Beauties". (Again, glad 'Victory at Sea' gave me New Zealand vessels when aligned with UK, yet wanting to play as my own separate 'faction'.)


- HMNZS Achilles (70):


- HMNZS Gambia (48):



- HMNZS Leander:





I have to wonder if we'll be able to make use of the Russian battleships which were in existence, yet never completed. They were used as artillery platforms instead.


- Gangut-Class Battleship:



- Royal Sovereign (RN & Soviet):



- Russian Battleship Petropavlovsk:



- Russian battleship Gangut (1911):



- Russian battleship (1911):



- Sovetsky-Soyuz-Class Battleship - (Paper Battleship):


(They were laid down, yet scrapped. They would have rivaled any other, even surpassing Bismarck.)


- Kronshtadt-class Battlecruiser:


(Finally found you! I think you were the one I was seeking from before with it being under construction, yet failed to see the light. They would have been an awesome addition, with 69 different persona types, if successfuly constructed. Not much to go on, yet they were still physically present to make note of. They however would take ages to build into 1944.)


I'm too exhausted to recheck the information that I'll just leave it as is. I'm curious what else the Swedish navy has because that surely isn't it. I mean, it could be, yet it's just strange they only have one. Finland had a bit more, and same with others. Russia as a struggling decent navy that we can easily use their submarines. Same with borrowed vessels, as shown above in the listing. One I noted being so slow in the Malta area that it couldn't exchange fire with the Italian battleships. It failed to keep up.




Lastly, it bothers me how there's no Dutch pride, even though we have De Ryuter roaming on the Kickstarter page. I'd love to see more hype on the Dutch side, more so for my friend so I can win him over :P.


- HMNLS Tromp (1937):


(The 'Ghost Ship' of the Pacific which caused the Japanese to nickname it, and a 'Lucky ship' for the Dutch for failing to be sunk on numerous occassions. She was overly resilient that she never sunk, only damaged. I would love for her to borrow inspiration from Kiso (KanColle) by being a bit of a pirate, or ghost, to haunt the Japanese. If she's a 'Ghost Ship' for being the most reported sunk, then I want her to have her costume to represent that. Funny thing is, someone went back onto the wiki to remove her whole famous 'Ghost ship' nickname. Someone was salty.)


Oh, the Dutch should play out interesting if the stuff I read on the wiki is right. The part where the Dutch sank more tonnage than the UK & USA combined, causing them both to tantrum hard by telling the Dutch to chill the hell out in jealousy :P. For being homeless during WW2, they sure ended up being bad-ass, even disrespected like the Canadians. Makes me wonder if this is also why Canadian-Dutch have a strong, yet loose, relationship. That, and it be awesome to see the Dutch roaming around in the spotlight more. For being homeless they sure did nicely.

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The personality options are great. But I still cringe at the expected Howdy and I reckon from Texas.


The americans are a bit to stereotypical rodeo in some cases for me, but if they're natural and casual like Mahan it's not that much of a problem. All countries have a bit of a stereotype problem I suppose; what with Leningrad and Voykov being a bit too emotionless (not that that is something I dislike, I actually rather enjoy those two characters), or the germans being cocky and angry for the most part. It's still annoying, but significantly less so when it's not your home county or language that's being stereotyped. (Which is why I'm so worried about what they might do with dear Willie Dee)


And Arctic, hypocrisy here in the best of ways, but this is, in fact, a questions thread and that is a very long post that might have fit better in the history thread. As off topic as we are here already.

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Ah, forgotten beauties!




Yep, all nations (all humans) suffer from stereotypes, and you'll find that in the Belles, too. But they also evolve their own unique personalities as well. I wouldn't worry about the 'howdies' too much- but a cowgirl is going to be a cowgirl. Or should I call her a cowbelle? :)

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