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Captain's Association, Round 12: Vote by Sunday, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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If I managed to count 'em right...




A2() 1v

A4(Nurnberg) 1v

A6(I-8) 1v
B5(Saguenay) 3v
C2(D'Aosta) 2v
C4(Wicher) 1v
C5(Z 18) 1v

C6(New Orleans) 1v

D1(Nevada) 1v
D2(Dunkerque cl./Richelieu) 9v
D3(Canarias) 2v
D4(Bulldog) 2v

E1(Algerie) 1v

F4(Z 17) 1v


*no popcorn*



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How can you be so sure D2 is either Dunkerque or Richelieu (going by von Lipstig)?




LN 130 on the catapult >> French CA/BB

~4gun turret >> French '35+ BB

Dunkerque was mentioned, but has 1 catapult

Richelieu has 2 catapult, was incompleted but commisioned



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