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Captain's Association, Round 29: Vote by Sunday, 1/8, Afternoon, PST

Legate of Mineta

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Wow, we may have our first tie between Belles! I'm actually excited to see what BCS does with that. Maybe we'll get a dual interview? Or maybe one Belle will appear uninvited if that's her personality? Something along the lines of Avarice/DDoS but more humorous? They could really write a fun interview with this is they wanted to. >:-)

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Hi ho!...


... Saddly i couldn't arrive in time to place my vote this weekend.


But at least this Friday will be something interesting to look forward to - a French and German Belles, each on a different side.

Though i believe it wouldn't generate much sparks as both of them do not look like the agressive type (like Sanguenay or Pola).


Also... a tip for Mahan, if case things do get out in control: they both do have something in common... beautiful, blue eyes.

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Wow, the first tie. And it's with a German and a French Belle... I am very excited about how things will play out between those two.


EDIT: Or am I just getting it wrong and only one is going to appear? (Insert sad face here*)


I'll laugh if it's a combined interview with the French Belle starting out and the German Belle rushing in and booting her out ala Blitzkrieg.

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