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A few in game questions


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Shouldn't you have a proper name instead of Legate of Mineta? It is really awkward when introducing you to people. Unless Legate is your first name and Mineta is your last name. ;)


Anyways, how many new tracks have been selected for Year 2? And can we add in our own soon?


Also please make sure we can adjust text size this time!

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It's a title, not a proper name. You have to use both parts! :)


I don't think music has been selected yet- they were still discussing as to whether or no they would continue to use classical tracks, custom music, or a blend. It will probably be the same number, though, as Y1, regardless.


Text adjust is possible. :)

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So.... I've been wondering, if much new ground has been broken in magical academic circles.


I mean, how many discoveries are genuine, and not rediscoveries of knowledge that had been previously lost?


On average, how many phemes do experienced wizards have knowledge to draw, and how would you say could be recognized by them? I imagine that most mages only learn to draw phemes from their pillar and maybe some general ones... I suppose if I needed to rephrase.. Do wizards often know how to draw phemes they don't specialize in? (I want to draw a comparison to my character, obviously)

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There is a certain amount of rediscovery, but it seems clear that most modern discoveries are just that. The real impediment for academic progress is the secrecy and control over Phemes by various powers.


As to individual wizard's knowledge, that just depends. :)


Academagia-trained wizards tend to be broader, though, in terms of Pheme knowledge.

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Does the Parental Approval rating transfer to year 2?

In part yes but there will be a absolut upperlimit depending on how wealthy your family is.



Does it's effect change there, or will we get the same allowance we ended at from the begining next year?

It will for sure change as we will meet our parents in person at the start of year 2 and from what I got many player got past the maximum possible allowance for to the wealth theyr parents have.




Also will ALL items/wealth be transferred?

Yes but some will give you problems as you have to transport them all because the Academy closes.

Keep in mind that some items are even needed to keep if you want to continue the adventure in year 2!

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Thank you, what is this maximum parents wealth limit at?


Incidently I noticed a character I'd started with the noble background refer to upperclass-men as something seperate from herself, so to immerse myself better I started over as a non-noble. Will it have some sort of effect in future events, and did I perhaps miss out on something in year 1 as well?

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Velorian and Schwarzbart;


That's mostly correct. Parental Approval does carry over, and there is no maximum limit. However, your Allowance is now separated from Parental Approval, and depends on the wealth of your parents.


As far as noble vs. non-noble, there are differences, yes, and they do grow in importance over time...

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Ahh ok thats the Allowance is seperated is new to me :)

My more recent playtroughs have all mostly noble or wealthy parents because of the importance this will get.


Btw. will it be possible for a Char who is no Noble to become Noble trough the years thanks to player actions or extra points spend at the start of each year?

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Now that we are talking about wealth and nobility, I'm curious about Corradin d'Alfi I found this beautiful map (why not included in-game!?), under the Island that I think is Mineta is a small island called Alfi, ruled by the Republic of Alfi.

Is Corradin related to the ruling family? Or just a prestigious family originating there?

Also judging from the names I'm getting the impression that the big island north of Mineta is Merril, is that so? Are they comparable in population density? I'm wondering if Merril is vastly more powerful than the other nations.

Oh, and it appears Mineta is ruled by the Empire of Man, I read there was currently no elected emperor, but I'm wondering are all islands on that map considered part of the empire, officially at least?

Lastly, if a student has no picked background where are they assumed to originate from?

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You are correct. Corradin is a cadet member of the family that's named for, although the main branch of that line no longer rules in Alfi proper.


Meril is less densely settled than Mineta, but it has vastly more people on that island, of course, as well as several prominent cities.


Technically speaking, everything on the map (except Oursouk, in the south) was a part of the Empire of Man, but since the Cataclysm, local rulers have really asserted themselves, and, for the most part, the idea of a pan-Elumian empire is in the dustbin. A few groups still espouse it, most prominently the Imperial Temple.


If you do not pick a background you are assumed to originate from the City of Mineta itself, I believe.

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Will we be able to see and learn family related skills and magics? Maybe some...


  • Swashbuckling lessons from a sky pirate action mom? Or,
  • Learn 'Magic' from the best card sharks? Maybe even
  • ??? from a secret heritage...


Oh, goody, more questions come to mind.


  1. What is the opinions that practitioners of one of the proscribed arts have on the other? (and of those who try to learn both...)
  2. Has canning food been invented?
  3. In the opening picture, Ann, Janelle, and Kim are which ones? (This has oddly been bugging me for a while)
  4. I don't think its been touched on, but what are the birthdays of the faculty?
  5. If a student found the P/A system mic, cast a spell on it that translated anything spoken into it into different languages based on the day of the month, and turned any careless negater into a 6" tall version of themselves, how would that rank on the scale of impressive pranks done at the Academagia?
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For your first question: you'll see. :)


For the next set:


1) Who knows? They are illegal, and there are certainly no practitioners of illegal magics. :)

2) No.

3) You'll have to use your imagination!

4) As a Student, you do not have access to this information. :)

5) The last part makes it epic, depending on how many careless negaters are affected. :)

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Thanks for the answers, this lore is really quite intriguing, I have to say I love the details. I've a few more questions:

1. I picked the noble background for my character, how noble should I consider myself, just lower nobility, or every bit as good as the likes of Corradin d'Alfi or Catherine Chard (not sure if those really are the most prestigious or if they just have the most bloated sense of importance)?


I also have a few questions on magic in general and familiars:

2. How rare is it to be magically talented, and is it more of an off/on switch or are some much more talented by nature than others?

3. Does magical ability manifest at some particular age and how important is training in that? I'm wondering if small kids just spontaneously cause incidents from time to time. Or indeed how the player character might have been discovered as capable of casting.

4. Is magic sufficiently rare that even relatively unskilled wizards (like some of the npcs are bound to wound up) are considered a prize for some noble to hire?

5. Is the Shade familiar an undead human or some sort of creature born that way?

6. Is a familiar as fragile as it appears? I mean if you have a spider familiar and someone accidently steps on it, that's just that, it's dead? I saw an event that implied something I fell on (a rabbit I believe) didn't get squashed because it was a familiar.


7. I read there are reports of familiars living for a very long time, even dying with the wizard, Does that include surviving as long as those few wizards with truly extraordinary lifespans (like wizards still alive from pre-proscription times)?


8. The tecniques used to extend life to such lengths, are they relatively common knowledge or would they be considered "something better not spoken about"?

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2) Magic is a pure education thing, sure there people more or less gifted but in general at last in theory everyone could learn magic but most can't aford the costs for the school or privat teacher.

3) See my answear to 2

4) Again its the cost of the necesary education that makes magic a rare thing


8) There diferent ways to extend the live but all have the downside that one get immune to them after some time.

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