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A few in game questions


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About the answear you given her:



Do I understand it correct that even 1 step Adventures of year 1 can have a interesting follow up Adventure in a later year?

(First I wanted to ask in this thread direct but then I rembered that you don't look there usualy)

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Basically you assign each student's examination a value, the better the examination went for the student the higher the score. However the actual grade the students get are distributed usually through a 'Normal distribution' - or at least it ought to be. This is not always the case though, actually we did some math on it, and if you make two normal distributions then it looks much better. One for the students who attended class and one for those who didn't.




And yet I haven't really answered. I don't know exactly what 'Distribution' and 'Hybrid curve' contains, though I suspect it to do with which grades are given to whom. Of cause, no matter which system you go with it is often the teacher who determines just how strictly the rules are upheld...

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Maybe if there is still place in a DLC we can get one Wind Instrument SS in one of the vew remaining DLC for year 1 , if not then there is always year 2 ;).

Leoshi if the Teacher have to drag a Student to the Test (i.E. because he is Sick) this Student will get a big hit on his Examscore.

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