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I have another character who just can't seem to get caught at the Professor's Lounge. She's running at six Luck and has 10 with three professors, so that's probably helping somewhat, but I figured I would note it as I did another total spam test and got nothing. She got it through Decipher Handwriting, if that helps any, and she's never used favor or anything that I think could give visitation rights.


Very odd.

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Will do, although I won't be able to until Tuesday. Sadly, while this connection is fine for posting, it seems actually uploading things is a bit too much for it. Silly free internet.


Of course, it's free... hm. ^^;


Students are still having difficulty with acceptable targets for the Reflecting upon Merit action- Vernin's Amista managed to hit my Avila gal with it.


Sourblue Berries (picked from the Forest of Stars or whatever it's called- gotten from the Avila adventure or skill) have no icon! Confused me at first: it’s just a plain white box.

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Some of these have probably been reported.


Casper can use the ‘Study your Rivals’ option, which seems like it should be Oliva-only, or else have the description changed a bit.


Ms. Badcrumble granted me an expansion to my max Planets skill through Favor- however, while when I hover over the skill, it tells me my Skill maximum is 11 and that my Skill is at the Maximum (while being only 10). When I click on it directly, it simply tells me that 10 is the maximum.


Magsa’s Zoology Extra Credit has your character note they’re glad they paid attention in Zoology, even if they're not taking it.


Random Event Thieves Guild 12 – Conspicuousness? What is that testing? I don't think that's a used skill. If it is, it's the most well hidden one I know. XD


Durand Collage Adventure, the original one- part 9 should trigger directly after part 8.


Bad links: Student Adventure Aymeri 07 – ‘However, even though you’re his partner in crime, Him says that he does not yet trust you…’ ; 'Student Adventure Magsa 5 – ‘Professor Her has taken something impossible and made it worse.’ & ‘Beside you you hear He gag.’ ; Student Adventure Ana Flana 01 – “Everything,” you say, wrapping (badly linked Ana) gently on the head… ; and then finally, Student Adventure Catherine Chard 04 – after being linked perfectly fine in the first two attempts, Orso Orsi decided to link his bio instead of his name suddenly. Not sure what was up with that- it’s in the '...now that you’ve found (bad link)’s secret house…' part.


It’s Just a Game needs it's paragraphs properly spaced.


Expansions/Increases to max skill levels are incredibly confusing, and really should be better documented. I have Research 15 on Ceyn, for instance- due to the +3 Research max for studying Research, the Student of the Arc and Tail +1 bonus, and another +1 that I believe comes from History. Yet I don't have access to Forbidden Archives that you'd get at Research 11. Similarly, I can boost Listen to 14 without gaining the Listen 11 bonus. It feels like all those bonuses should simply be made to rolls rather then maximum skill (thus my Research would be 10, but I'd have +5 on any Research roll) rather then having to play the 'Does this actually help me get the 11 bonus or not?' with various passive abilities. Or they should be separated somehow in the catagory-thing one gets when one hovers over the skill, so I know that Researching Research (which is impossible at the moment, but you guys know that) to get more skill gives me the max bonus but Arc and Tail.


Shoot, I'm going in to suggestions. Again.


I lost my save files of the other character who had P Lounge difficulties (or non-difficulties, as it was), and Ceyn is too close to the end to really test. I'll see how my next character fares and send a save if they have too much success. :)

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Magic Quill and Beehive both can't be equipped, and thus their abilities are not able to be used (I think, unless there's a pre-req for them that I'm missing.)


Random Event Dialectic 3 - Main text - "tanking Dialectic" should be "taking Dialectic"

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Oh, and something I just noticed today, more of a balancing issue than bug.


Use the Cold Forge gives 250 pims on a threshold of 11

Fight City Hall gives 100 each on two rolls against 13


Both of those seem to give quite a bit of Pims for rather low targets.

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Glamour Extra Credit, part of Magsa’s adventure, is somewhat weird. Ceyn had some marked comments about it when I got to in the adventure train, but basically, the assignment seems to have been given by Professor Briardi rather then the Glamour teacher, and the assignment seems more focused on both Negation and Enchantment (and playing with heavy objects) then Glamours. I think just changing who the assignment is from would help, considering his final adventure is Negation Extra Credit from Prof B.


Is there a reason why Honors adventure 3-B is locked out at the end of Anedius, rather then the end of Karli? That one made me really sad, as the 3-A version certainly lasts till Karli's end and later adventures in the chain do last till the end of the game- it's just that one that locks you from going further.


Random Event Physical Activity 9, the Character Study exit, badly linked both Phillipe and Malthezar by linking their bios.


Learning Conversation 9 apparently decreased the relationship between Ceyn and Joana by -3 (I believe that also boosted my Befriend to 9, well, so it could have been either the Conv or the Befriend raise). It was already -10, so: not a big deal, but… wow. Wow! Not what you would expect from Conversation 9. ._.

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