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A few in game questions


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Mass Mastery. : :)


Though in all seriousness, if you're good in compete, 5 sessions will *increase* merit by 30. I could have sworn her Defame decreases merit by 5 each time so it would be only 25 lost.


For decreases, well, admittedly I don't normally bother.

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So, since the Legate has decided to not properly answer the question regarding [soon™]


I have decided to go crazy on asking questions. :angry:


Here we GO!


1. Can volnauge be recycled? Say you have a bunch of scrap, could you make a kind of plywood out of it, or would it lose too much (any?) of it's magical attributes? I would say mixing it with glue would weaken it's total load available, and it might not be too stable given how that sort of wood might try to climb to different heights. I'm curious on fact though.


2. Do women ever court men for marriage? I am curious over the answer to this given the setting. I imagine it does happen, but how often compared to actual historical data for that time period?


3. If a professor was asked how they would rate skill wise against the Master wizards from before and during the exile, what would they likely say?


4. Can you ask what the oldest still-existing classrom at the Academagia is? And is it still in use?


5. Since it's fairly clear that using illegal Magic and being caught can easily taint the whole family's reputation. Would this be enough to stop a student from being accepted to the academy if one (or both!) of their parents were executed for practicing the magic?


6. Since we are aware from the lores that one certain Gates-museum holds a were-creature example, I'd like to ask what the current modern scholars think about the origins of lycanthropy and related... conditions. :)


7. While you've said that a periodic table of the elements doesn't exist, can you explain some chemical reactions not involving magic that are still well known? I suppose gunpower would be one example off the top of my head. The point is that there must be something revolving around real chemistry to develop that and I am curious what the state of what that science is in.


8. Can you give us a rundown of the important neighborhoods in Mineta? We're already aware of a couple,(The Admiratio! The Frontino also comes to mind) but apart from the map giving us a general appearance of the city with explanations of an upper and lower half, I was hoping we could learn more about the districts that make up those halves and maybe a landmark in them so we could have a mental map of where everything is when we read a story. What is the Undergate like, for instance?


9. It needs to be asked. Since there are events which can kill the player in Y2, what about events that would severely maim them to the point of not being able to study magic anymore? Would they be considered basically the same thing as far as mechanics go?


10. While you've said that within the boundaries of Elumia, slavery does not exist, but what would happen if a slave was brought in from a country that practiced it, because said slave was owned by some rich noble from a practicing country who was visiting for negotiations of some kind? What if there were runaway slaves? Are the emancipated?


11. Since the end of the sphinx syndicate adventure never specified it, can you confirm that the necklace was personally handed by the player to Von Rupprecht? And were there any words spoken at that time? I'm not asking for what the esteemed Regent said to poor Briardi, as clearly that happened later and we don't need to know that for Y1.


12. Does Calligraphy/Orthography have the ability to make copies of documents? If it does, then why does Von Rupprecht ring his better students into manually copying certain texts for him to sell? And if it does not, then why does Von Rupprecht hate printing presses? Also, if an Aranaz student was caught using a Vernin Printing Press, would that invoke his displeasure? Or his Wrath?


13. While the core of Mastery is banned for obvious reasons, I am curious why a spell like telepathy would be banned as well. I suppose you aren't going to be very forthcoming on this, but I think it's fairly obvious that a fairly harmless telepathy spell would probably be banned because in order to learn it, you'd have to learn a bunch of stuff first, that could be abused. I'd like confirmation if possible.


14. What is the Academagia's official policy on students finding the odd lost magical artifact from a bygone era? Is it finders keepers? Aren't certain things technically the School's property to be turned over?


15. Can we get clarification on whether Basia cares about competition in all her classes or just Aranaz related ones? And whether she cares about all students trying to surpass her or just Aranaz students?


16. While it's obvious that the Imperial Palace has fallen on harder times, and isn't being maintained to the highest standards, would you say that it's still in a good enough shape that there are no critical repairs needed if an Emperor was crowned?


17. While on the subject, I don't recall there ever being an Empress named. Is there a reason for that?


18. Is there any particular reason why the map of Elumia that we have access to stops at a certain point?


19. We have seen a few examples of people speaking the Draconic language. Is it physically possible for a human to speak it perfectly? As I imagine that the tongues those dragons have would make for some very interesting... Differences... in speech compared to a human, even if all the Phonemes are identical.


20. Are any settled islands of Elumia particularly hard to dock with due to extreme height?


21. Is it suspected that there are horizontal limits to the maelstrom surrounding the islands? Kind of like there are horizontal limits?


22. If a wizard was to fall off the island from the lowest point in Mineta, about how much time would they have before hitting the lower limit? More than enough time to calmly gather the phemes together to solve that gravity problem, I hope?


23. Given how magic can be very effective if a person has a little bit of creativity in solving a particular magical problem, does the school give any seminars on how creative applications can overcome limitations in magic?


24. Is there anything in school legend that says what the reasons were for Orso Orsi nearly being expelled during his time as a student at the Academagia?


25. Since the professors are terrible gossips, is it possible for the enterprising student to get a hold of this gossip for their own personal use, particularly from a professor themselves?


26. If an ice spell was to encase an item sold in ice, and then wear off or get negated, would that item be cold to the touch afterward?


27. Let's say a stone was revised into a feather, and then revised again back into a stone. Would both spells technically be active on it at the same time? And if the first was to wear off before the second? What would happen to the stone? Or do all spells on an object combine to form in effect, one spell?


28. If Rotten food was Revised into fresh food and then eaten, would there be risk of food poisoning after the spell wore off? At least if the duration was not very long?


29. Can you explain exactly how an ideal fits into the spell? Is it like a mental concept you make while casting the spell? That's the image I get but I can't help but feel that's wrong.


30. Is it speculated that if Monteon had never, well, basically became what it is today, that the Empire would not have slowly stagnated into irrelevance? Or at least would have done so slower?


31. Has an expedition into the outskirts of what remains of Monteon ever been attempted?


32. What are the legal stances on things like medication and drugs? Is it heavily regulated? I imagine it to be mostly limited to common folk remedies, but then I am reminded that not so long ago in real life, things like cocaine were used for toothache painkiller, for children no less, so I am curious.


33. No I'm not done yet. :) Will we figure out what Pamela's spirit anchor is in Y2? It seems to me that you're not going to tell us what it is because spoilers but I figure this question is harmless enough.


34. Who is the Inventor of the telegraph in this setting?


35. In games of chance that use dice, or even pure physical contests like dart throwing, how do you deal with magical cheating? In a place like the Academagia I suspect it would be a lot easier due to the surplus of magic users, but in the wider world if you weren't a mage how would you 'know'? I suppose a professional player would have some item that could help detect common cheats but...


36. Are Phillipe's brothers known for any magical prowess? It's fairly obvious that the elder Marchant boys want him to live up to their example, so I would venture to guess a resounding no. Not that I'd necessarily say that to their faces, but maybe I would, toward the end of Y2, that is. :)


37. How much intrigue is there in the world of wizards? I know you've said that a lot of discoveries are kept secret because it can be profitable to be the only one who knows how to do things, but seriously, would you say that Knoht was originally trained for this sort of sneaky business? That's actually kind of awesome, actually.... :)


38. How much of a professor's discoveries remain their own? And what about a student's discoveries? What about a student making an independent discovery while working for a professor?


39. Since certain classes can bounce back and forth between colleges, do the same instructors teach the classes regardless of the college responsible for it? Or does the college which acquires a class to teach have to staff it with professors from said college?


40. Although Y2 is all about learning of the different factions and power struggles on campus, is it likely that our choices in Y1 have already put us on the lists of some of them before Y2 even starts?


I'm going to stop here even though I wanted to go to 50. I'm burned out on asking questions. :( Consider yourself lucky, Legate!


Don't forget to remove the master answer list, Legate? ;) I will post it if you do. :)

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