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A few in game questions


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1) So Negation allow very early to manipulate the Aura of a person (you mentioned some year 1 spells just do that), especial the caster him/her self but its year 5 artifice or even later to put this in a item?


2) Wow, how is it possible that Luise only have 6 in Zoology midterm exam? In my past games when I written the scores down I never saw a single digit score as far I remember.

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1) Why is Astrology in such a slump at moment when they can predict the behavior of many students over 5 years? (at last that what the trailer hint at)

2) Are there damping effects for emotions active at Academagia?


@Freespace There is none in the adventure it self. But at the end it is said the Legate stopped other students from try this tower and even tell them that the player will do this. Where do the confidence of the Legate come from that the player will try his luck at the tower of the cold forge and even success? During the adventure the Legate not even give the smallest hint to the player. Given the trailer that they could tell via Astrology that your not the most annoying student its most likely the confidence of the Legate come from this or a other astrology prediction. Naturally it could be someone else then Regent Badcrumble who made the prediction for every student but so far she is the only known person who could have the ability for this

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1) I always thought the Imperial Reserve is the nearest forest to Academagia but reading trough Student Adventure Orso it make me wonder where this small forest is that is mentioned in step 1?




It can have an effect, even a very strong effect.


But...if you want to be sure... ;)

Haha as if anything could be sure at a school of magic where the kids can come up with all kind of strange ideas to break something they don't like.
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Ohh then is there any news on this questions from the past? Especial question 2 would be nice if I slowly get a answer ^^.


1) How do the player get to the Forest of Broken Pines after the adventure is over? (I just wonder why the Legate had to use gate magic in the adventure when we easy can visit it as 1 timeslot action later and i.e. in the stormy dreams they had Griffon ready in minutes.)


2) Could you forward the guideline for year 2 NPC students with new games or send me some example year 2 Avila how they would look with a new game?


3) How many people graduate from Esteban Contu's school each year?


4) Ode to Pluiete Adventure 03 Where do the desks come from for the success and failure exits when in the text before you where in a hallway with dropping floor blocks?


5) Will we allowed to start as non human race in one of the years to come?


6) How close is it planed to allow player to come to the Vernin build master of old in the 5 years?

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