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A few in game questions


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On my second god pc I made I finished and on the last day used common grounds on prudence, canta, and Aaron and now their all in my clique

i heard that the last doesn't count in the porting tool in y2 but when I saw my clique screen during the ending events that they were in my clique, so this leads me to my question. 

Will all the friends I made on the last day be ported to y2 or will I redo the day in y2 and I'll be able to common grounds them?

edit: 2. could I consult the stars about my gate magic? Like use astrology to somehow interfere with my gate spell? Consult the stars to know when and how to cast my gate spells to not screw things up?

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K thx for the clarification, now I know I can befreind them on the first day of y2 28 kalri 

edit: I left some items at the dorm when the game ended, will I be able to get them with me on kalri 28? I ask this because I left all my illegal things there like divasque, book of shadows....... Ect.

edit: 2. The pact i made with divasque, will I be subjected to help the book if I ask for more help from it? To clarify, what I mean is the more you ask of divasque, will it lead to you having to pay more attention to it and pay it or is this pact a pact where divasque has to help me and I have to help him thing but there are loopholes in it?

edit 3. I just realized on my second god pc I finished yesterday had the gauntlet of ravens but lost it when reprimanded........ by any chance can I get that item back in y2? looking at its stats, it was pretty bloody good

+1 strength,25% increased chance of success at gate magic, + command, 

pretty bloody good.......... 

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Hey legate

i know natural philosophy and zoology are needed for some of the things in gates but do I need geometry as well? I ask this because gates seems to be be about dimensions things and it seems good to have geometry but I'm not so sure, anyways is geometry important for gates and how so?

also my questions up there in my previous post, I'm guessing you haven't seen, could you answer

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@RaydestroyerWe have at last 1 day to pack our things at the start of year 2 from what the Legate told us quite a while ago but if you placed things at a location instead of your wardrobe then they might be gone. Also keep in mind that the game also create an autosave at the very last day (this autosave can also exploited to continue playing in year 1 past the last day to my knowledge)

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On 3/12/2019 at 7:40 PM, Raydestroyer said:


iv been reedimg some you guys post from 2012 and 2013 and I just got one thing to say.

how the hell did you guys survive the wait, like seriously, 9 years, I really wish I discovered this game like 2 or 3 years from now



This, more or less.

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