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A few in game questions


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Hey there. I said this already some time in Suggestion and Improvement thread, but I can confirm it now as I installed Academagia on another computer. Doing Joanna's adventure does lock out Philippe's. Not a single bit was shared between the installs and it does makes things simpler so it is not that unthinkable.


Just wanted to say it here and preserve it for posterity.

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Q: Also is Mineta close to equator? and is the nearest pole to the south or north? Found here


A: Azhiamas wanders over the face of Cyve, but despite the conditions on the surface, the climate of Elumia rarely varies. Historian debate where on Cyve the isles once were- it's not possible to say in this era, although there are many lively debates on the subject.


I might have misread this! So, just to be clear: The usual winter-summon change with more daylight summer than winter are not (necessarily) valid here, as Azhiamas drifts relatively to Cyve below? (who would have static summer/winters - or none at all, depending on the tilt of the globe... which would be even more difficult to say with a certainty)



Dearest Sixt,


As dutiful patrons to the fine house of Aranaz and all that spiffy jazz, my friends and I down at the "Lodge" found ourselves having a merry chat concerning I think a matter you would know more of than we!


Are ALL parts of Elumia agreeing on this so called (haha!) "ban" on the magic art of "gates"? Now then, if my friend were to send his child to study somewhere where the view on "gates" are more, say, liberal, where might he find such a place? Anyone he ought to speak to? A secret handshake? a fiendishly swell tip-of-the-hat at a specific hour?



Lambusterblob the Seventh of Posterplobbington


PS. Please leave your reply under the stone marked with a red X in the Academagia Bestiary, near the entrence.

PPS. Remember this is for a secret bet and not students pulling a prank!

PPPS. Also, note the fine penmanship!

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PPPPS. This letter will implode 5 minutes after opening. We strongly recommend not reading this until you have a plan set in place to safely dispose of it.

PPPPPS. We suddenly realize that you've already opened this if you're reading it. We're sorry about the ink stains.

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You are correct- daylight varies according to where on Cyve Azhiamas is currently at, but climate doesn't.


The ban on Gates is Elumia wide, and extends into Oursouk (kind of). Dragon-ruled lands have general bans on magic, except for their retainers.


PPPPPPS: The Justicars are in position at the Bestiary. Apprehend anyone who is picking up rocks. Thanks! ;)

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So, save for a few hidden enclaves no one teaches or experiments with gates. *frown* guess there is just one thing to do then! Visit where ever monsters are sighted at see if I can find the caster before the local police can court martial him. I know what I'll be doing in my summer vacation! How about you guys? :P

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Probably master everyone at the royal court (one of my characters is an Auncish Descended of Royalty and Spy) into accepting me as their lord and master and slowly infiltrating myself all the while planning the king's assassination.


Too late did I realize that my character is a more immoral, powerful and ambitious Artemis Fowl...


Summer's booked.


How are dragon ruled lands...ruled? Do dragons have a parliament, spokesperson or replacement king or something? How do they enforce the ban? What are the general bans? Dragons have retainers? What do they do?

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Oh, yes, about that, are those mages considered criminal Gates users, or is their teleporting not directly related to gates, or does everyone turn a blind eye because they like "not being toads"?


Or alternatively, are they outside legal jurisdiction for such a thing? And if there is a legal jurisdiction, would that mean that there are places far far away that (in theory anyway) does not proscribe gates? (or mastery since it's so related?)

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Well, there *IS* a large scale of madness. What level are we talking here?


Emmett Brown level eccentricity? (mild)


Nikola Tesla? (Woudn't touch round objects)


Howard Hughes? (germophobe and saved pee bottles)


Giovanni Aldini? (Corpse "reanimator")


Vladimir Demikhov? (Two-Headed Dog Surgeon)


Robert J. White? (brain transplanter)


Caligula? (Made his horse one of his senators)


The Joker from Batman, the animated series? (I don't think it explicitly said he killed anyone)


The Joker from the Dark Knight movie? (definately killed people)


VLAD THE IMPALER? (toooooo long to say here)

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Vlad the Impaler wasn't mad. He was a completely normal ruler for that time.


Say, if our character ends up in Oursouk, would there be a way to learn from them? Do they have apprentices that go mad or are they mad to begin with? Do they travel outside of Oursouk and wander about? I have a feeling that if one showed up in Mineta (which would be an interesting although dangerous adventure) he'd cause heaps of trouble and would cause a lot of people to panic. What would the response be?


And related to that, would Academagia act like the magical defense due to the large amount of capable mages there or would another organization step in?

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Who knows if there is a way to learn from them? It's thought not. They do not leave Oursouk, not since the Cataclysm at any rate.


Rogue mages are generally dealt with by other mages contracting with the Guard, but if the threat is too strong the Academagia would (and has, in the past) step in.

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Vlad the impaler may or may not have been "considered" mad in the era he was in, but he clearly had some screws loose when we use the benefit of hindsight.


Hitler is another good example of that. I'm sure people knew he was an evil jerkass before, but it wasn't until after the war that they realized how certifiable most nazis were.

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