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A few in game questions


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What is considered the most difficult of the pillars to learn at the Academagia? As in, which colleges focus more on the line of academics than practical study...? And was this always so?

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1. Are amethysts considered valuable in setting? In real life they used to be a long time ago, but massive supplies ultimately brought the values down.

2. Can you give an example of a place which was completely overrun with mimic trolls to the point where there were no actual people remaining to do actual work?

3. While consuming purely incanted food is not a good idea for the long term,  what would happen if a person had nothing but potatoes to eat and revised them into various foods to eat over the long term?

4. Since dragons are a delicacy, I was wondering if there are any less exotic monsters that are considered edible enough that people would actually hunt them despite the danger that goes with hunting monsters.

5. How powerful of a mage would one have to be to put a glamour on the imperial palace to make the outside look exactly like it was when it was in it's prime.... for 30 seconds. Just long enough to show off. :)

6. You've said that we can retrieve our confiscated items. (even though we still don't know how...) Given the nature as to why chocolate cake is illegal, I have to ask if that is retrievable too, or if it mysteriously disappears? ;)

7. While making old mages young again is difficult-but-doable, I am curious about spells cast to keep a person from aging in the first place? How well do they work? And if they fade after say a century or two, does the aging catch up?

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1) Yes.

2) This is probably a good one for the monthly Q&A.

3) It would depend on the length of the Revision. It could be malnutrition or it could be entirely fine. :)

4) Put this one in the Q&A, I think.

5) If it's only for a few seconds, and only to be viewed, moderately powerful. 30s might raise that to pretty powerful.

6) I think that's Perishable, so if you don't find it, like, instantly, it's gone. :)

7) They can work, but because they are Negations at the root of it, they are expensive to maintain. It depends on how you cast the Spell- in most cases, Aging simply continues where it left off. But it is possible to construct it such that it catches up.

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1. Are there any naming taboos, either cultural/religious or magical, that discourage or prevent people from saying certain entities' names?

2. Is the comparative recentness of the insurance industry why it does not use astrology, or is there a deeper taboo surrounding the use of astrology for such commercial/financial reasons?

3. Is it legal to propose the creation of a new pillar of magic?

4. Does the taboo surrounding in-depth research of the underlying principles of magic (represented in game by the enspell skill) also in some way limit the inquiries into nature that Natural philosophers may do?

5. Speaking of natural philosophy, is it widely known that Icanix College taught natural philosophy as its non-magical subject? If so, does this taint natural philosophy?

6. Are there any who want the Academagia to become more involved in astronautics for study/research/efforts to return to Cyve's surface?

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1) There are a few cultural ones, but no formal religious (or magical) taboos. Unless you count [Redacted].

2) It certainly uses Astrology! They simply void policy if the subject, or affiliates, use Astrology outside of the insurer.

3) Certainly. You may be regarded as mad, of course. ;)

4) In some fundamental ways, yes.

5) It's not widely known, and hasn't tainted the subject.

6) In the past, yes. These days, less so.

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@Legate of Mineta: 1. Does this mean that initial proposals to eliminate the pillar of Orthography were regarded as insane?

2. What fundamental areas of research are limited by taboos for natural philosophers?

3. What caused a decline in interest in incorporating astronautics into Acadamagia's curriculum? Tragic accidents? realization that it could not be used to do much (certainly not return to Cyve)?

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Old Questions:

1. If a plant or animal (or person) is strongly cultivated from an early stage of development through magic, would there be any lasting signs of that magical influence long after there was no more need of magic? If so, how would these signs manifest?

2. Are there any mental dangers associated with long-term transformation spells? If a person was transformed into a mouse for a year or more, would they have developed any mouse like habits, and if so, would that be of magical, or just circumstantial influence? 

3. Regarding the spell Orsi casts on the PC during a story to give them a lot of spellcasting knowledge temporarily, after a spell like that dissapates, what would the target of that spell remember regarding their actions? Would they remember the experience of casting the spells from that temporary knowledge, and would it make casting said spells in the future easier?  What is the history behind that spell?

4. Is it possible to permanently repair, say, a broken window, even if it had been broken a very long time ago? Or do such repairs need to be done within a certain timeframe before it becomes quite difficult?

5. Could a student get away with reciting rhymes on Mastery and Gates? Nothing revolving on how to use the magic. More anecdotal stuff. Perhaps something like the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm on steroids...?

6. Has a love potion ever been botched in the following manner? Imagine: Instead of a potion to make a person fall in love with the first person they see, it instead causes everyone who sees the person who consumed it to fall in love with them.

7. Are there any professors at the Academagia who have seen a Dragon first hand? (ignoring any who may be in disguise) and if so, are there any who have survived battle with one? If there aren't any currently, can your tell us about the last one that has been acknowledged to do so?

8. How popular is Rimbal with the girls on campus? It seems like mostly a boy's sport, but I imagine there's nothing keeping a girl from playing apart from desire to do so.

9. Since an islands water eventually replenishes itself, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried bottling up all of the water available on one of the smaller islands to see if it will still replenish itself after it is all locked in with none to escape. I am simply curious if it is known if existing sources are truly infinite or not.

10. So, has anyone taken a few hundred pounds of popcorn and found a way to pop it all in the great hall during lunch? That seems like a good prank that would double as a tasty treat for everyone who has to put up with school lunches!

11. Can you give an example of a place which was completely overrun with mimic trolls to the point where there were no actual people remaining to do actual work?

12. Since dragons are a delicacy, I was wondering if there are any less exotic monsters that are considered edible enough that people would actually hunt them despite the danger that goes with hunting monsters.

13. Can you tell us anything about the flagship of the Imperial fleet?


New Questions.

1. What is the punishment for counterfeiting Pims in Mineta? Magical or otherwise?

2. How crowded is the Admiratio in peak business hours? Enough that those with the means would rather levitate above the sea of people? (but then how would they land, lol?)

3. Has Vernin ever considered trying to build more towers recently? Or is it safe to say that their reputation and overall skill need some recovering before attempting such again?

4. Who are the best sources of high-quality cheese and dairy products in Mineta? Are their products available to anyone or must one be put on a list first?

5. Has there ever been a case of an undead Dragon? Since Astrology seems to be a major way for everyone else to get that way, I can guess that seeing such a Dragon would be quite rare due to having to use other ways, but...

6. What is the first documented mention of the Spirit of Lake Ardica?

7. What is the worst islandquake in Elumia's history? (Discounting Monteon if that could be considered a mere 'islandquake')

8. Of the surviving wizards of Monteon (whether they were lucky enough to be evacuated during it's collapse or simply weren't there at the time) do any still survive to this day?

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Bonus questions:

1. Does the council of the sky (I forget it's exact name) get involved in incidents where a person uses a powerful illusion to mimic a dangerous thunderstorm over a major city? Or does it have to be a real weather modification?

2. But then again, given how powerful Glamours tend to straddle the line of reality, would it be possible for someone to be hurt from the effects of such a weather illusion? (ignoring the effects of a panicked populous for argument's sake.)

3. What are the effects of using magic to conjure up plain water, to survive in the desert to stave off dehydration? (Assuming stocks of dried foods are available for nutrition)

4. How old are the emergency food reserves in the imperial palace? it's implied that it's old enough that even some preserved food has gone bad, but that could happen normally within a decade. Something tells me that it's much older than that, though.

5. Does the Academagia claim ownership of anything a student makes while at the school, or merely the intellectual property of innovative spells and creations?

6. I'm curious. When the Bans on Gates and Mastery came into effect, was there a call to demolish Kazus and Icanicix halls outright? And if so, why were they saved? Since I know the school has a tendency to just rebuild when something happens to make their buildings..less than ideal... Was there a movement to at least preserve the buildings for history's sake?

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