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A few in game questions


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Is there a significant amount of magic users in the Mineta guard? I imagine that too many mages in city can get away if they know enough magic just like that Wizard Cops video I posted in the Fun with Greenlight page.

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1) is there a limit a place & creature can keep in magic and once this limit is overstep the weakest magic cease to work?


2) How do the player get to the Forest of Broken Pines after the adventure is over? (I just wonder why the Legate had to use gate magic in the adventure when we easy can visit it as 1 timeslot action later and i.e. in the stormy dreams they had Griffon ready in minutes.)


3) Are the tricks or magic of the Duke of Broken Pines something we might be able to learn in the next years? (Maybe thanks to a certain young Opinicus)


4) Ist this Opinicus a possible familiar for year 2?

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