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A few in game questions


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Actually, that brings forth an interesting question... How much magic does the Academagia teach, in relation to the amount of magic that it doesn't teach for one reason or another? (not including the Proscribed stuff, as that would skew the example)

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Are there any holidays that are of special note to the people of Oursouk? (perhaps, that isn't mentioned in the game)


Have there been any attempts to "mitigate" racial barriers between regular (human) students and faculty and the other humanoid students/staff at the school - or is it not needed?

I was thinking of how unusual it would be for the minotaur to dress in school robes, or maybe even get a human-glamour to "fit in" when he goes to the cafeteria and such.

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On the second point, in terms of students it's not needed. Even the one student who might run into problems of that nature is humanoid enough to not need special clothes (well, stain-resistant clothes might be a good investment, but that's hardly special).


EDIT: Of the first year students, at least. There might be more interesting and non-humanoid students in the later years or the new first year, when our students (finally <_<) get into Y2.

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It depends on *which* people in Oursouk- some, especially the more out-of-the-way peoples have holidays based on the old gods. Some worship even stranger entities. Still others worship dragons, or manifestations of dragons.


All of these have different holidays of prime importance.


As Metis noted, it's not needed to mitigate differences...on campus. :)

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Thank you both for the replies. I wasn't thinking too much of our current year, but for all the demi-humans in other years and a few of the campus staff.


How, then, would it be taken if a wizard glamoured himself to appear as another student or faculty member when he/she was found out?

Am I right in assuming that getting away with a glamour of this kind (especially for first years) would be.... difficult?


A last question (for now at least) how would the un-glamouring of the student happen? Are there wards in place that negate all magics? (I imagine quite a few would be sad to learn that their amazing gravity-defying hairdo just fell flat..) Is it a clever spell that the faculty deviced that only grants the true-seeing to themselves?


What I am really asking, I suppose, is this: If I glamoured myself to look like a minotaur would the glamour then be stripped from me (publicly) or would I be pulled aside at some point only to be told to stop fooling around and get back to cleaning that gumdew explosion I caused a few days back?

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There's an event that deals with that actually.





"You’re just leaving the library when you’re accosted by [Character]Character/Selection/Hedi/Zoe Melis. She looks down at the armful of books you’re carrying and when she looks back up she’s smiling.


“Brushing up on your History of Magic?”


You give her a curt nod; something is amiss here.


“Perfect! I’ve got a quiz that’s about to start. Follow me!” Zoe skips down the hallway before you can catch up to her. She comes to a stop in front of her History of Magic class.

”Now,” She says with a wide smile, “you’re going to go in there and take my quiz for me. After you turn it in, excuse yourself to use the restroom and we’ll swap places!”


You see two fundamental flaws with her plan, the first and most important one is that the teacher will notice you aren’t her, the second and more puzzling flaw is that Zoe is an excellent student of history.


”Exactly why they’ll never expect this!” She looks at you, waiting for you to catch on, when you don’t she continues. “This is a test run. If we prove the glamour works, we can take tests for the kids who ARE struggling. Imagine how much they’ll pay for a top student to ace their exams for them.”


You attempt to re-visit the first flaw but Zoe hushes you. She squeezes her eyes shut in concentration and you start to feel a light tickling all over your face and body. When you look down your hand is long and oddly delicate, like Zoe’s, and your nails are even painted purple just like hers.


Before you can say another word she shoves you through the classroom door, whispering “third row, second seat from the back! I figure you’ve got fifteen minutes.”


It’s useless to resist now, so you take your seat. The quiz is already and your desk and you get to work. The questions are easy, but there’s a problem. The room must have some kind of anti-glamour ward. Your hand is slowly turning a violent shade of green. You’ve got to think fast!"


One of the failure outcomes:


"With all your available willpower you focus on returning your skin color to a normal hue, just long enough to finish the test. You may have missed the last two or three questions because of the distraction, but you should still earn a solid mark. You race to the front of the class, drop the quiz on the professor’s desk and excuse yourself to the ladies' room.

Just before you make it to the door the professor calls out, “Ms. Melis?” You continue another three steps before realizing he means you. Slowly you turn and face the professor.

“Feeling a bit…flushed?”

You can see your fingers changing color again and you want nothing more but to turn and run, but you find your feet are glued to the floor. With a flick of his wrist the professor undoes your magical disguise. The class gasps, and the professor smirks. “I’ll see you at detention this afternoon, and I trust you’ll bring the REAL Ms. Melis along as well.”"



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1. In a hypothetical scenario where someone from the surface of Cyve showed up using Gates magic, would that person be allowed to attempt to return using the same? Would said person be in trouble for just showing up? (In other words, is the law 'absolute' without considerations for extreme situations?)


2. What is the status of artwork depicting nude people? Would you say that it is similar to renaissance Europe? Or more conservative/liberal? Are models employed for such in art classes etc etc.? And do the nobility have differing ideas about that than the masses?


3. When the proscribed arts were legal, would you say that Gates was described as a useful weapon against the dragons? Or not especially so compared to the other pillars?


4. Are flying shipwrecks still a common occurence around Monteon? Or have they mostly been destroyed/salvaged/run aground? What about further away?


5. You've mentioned that Dragons could hypothetically launch an invasion using more conventional routes than the still fairly well defended current of embers. If an invasion of that type was done, would the people of Elumia at least be able to get the news out before the invasion hit the territories of the former Empire proper?


6. Is it known as to what the source of the current of embers is? Are there any other phenomenon like it?


7. Does it rain often enough on the islands of Elumia to cause flooding during non-magical instances? Do the islands get roughly equal amount of rain? And does rain tend to fall mostly on the sides of islands? (Leaving the centers of large masses like meril fairly dry?)


8. If a person stole all the good luck from a rival, and replaced it with a tremendous amount of bad luck, and then the rival died from some fluke event, would that be considered murder?


9. What happened to the Monsters in the menagerie when Gates was banned? You've mentioned that there are still signs of mighty beasts there if you look hard enough. Were they killed outright? Even if they were fairly benevolent and peaceful? Or were they kept and just died off of natural causes, and not replaced for obvious reasons?


10. In future years, will some regents try to impose their desires on the more successful students? If I choose to not undergo anything more than the bare minimum of Orthography classes, will I have to appease von Rupprecht? Or even other professors who feel that the PC should focus on a specific set of subjects according to societal uses?


11. Since a lot of advanced magical studies will require proving to the regent in charge of a given field that you are worthy of consideration in said field, (especially if you are not of the college which heads the field you wish to study) I was wondering if trading in Favor would work for that? Maybe not for the highest levels of study, but if you've taken courses in that pillar too surely it would be sufficient for access to mid-level workshops?

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